5-step road to a migraine free media migration

24 June 2022

Ever wondered how other broadcasters migrate their media to the latest LTO technology so quickly?

Below a 5-step road to a migraine free migration:

  1. Do not do it yourself! Get our experts in that have more then 30 years of experience in this space
  2. Explain your needs and expand your knowledge with the background of multiple project experience.
  3. Add steps into the migration process to enhance the quality of your content or use this time to clean-up.
  4. Let the process run without interrupting your daily business.
  5. Enjoy your morning coffee after a short look at your dashboard overseeing the whole progress of the migration and ETA.

We know that storing, maintaining, and moving of large quantities of media is a challenge.

Contact us to discuss your project and needs. But before you do, a little homework for your preparation.

  • Look at the short video below.
  • Write down what you expect from SFS Media BV.
  • Reach out to us and share ideas on how to proceed. We’ll give you a full view on what we can do for you. This is more then what we could write down in this article.

We hope to hear/read from you soon.

The SFS Team.