About SFS

About SFS

SFS Media's Enterprise Solutions reflect our ethos: simple and straightforward, with no unnecessary bells and whistles

SFS-Media is a young company founded by Mark Bouwensch and Dave Bray. With these founders, SFS Media has more than 30 years of experience in this industry and especially providing archive management software for industry applications like broadcast video.

“From Zero to Global in just Six Months”

The company is headquartered in Amsterdam in the Netherlands and privately held. The principal shareholders of the company are the two directors: Mark Bouwensch (CEO) and Dave Bray (CTO). Even in its short life, SFS Media is profitable and debt-free. A second Office is in Klosterneuburg, Austria just outside of Vienna. A development team covering the workflow engine and UI/UX is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The company is focusing on providing a specific set of tools and industry needs as opposed to attempt to develop a wide spectrum of solutions without adhering to a standard of excellence. This is important to our customers relying on a steady team that is close to the market and the technology partners so that we can support and deliver the latest technologies. We are not a generalized information technology product which has been patched to adapt to a real-time, high-definition broadcast operation. Our staff is fluent in both broadcast operations and IT technologies; we can understand and, in many cases, anticipate our customers’ needs.

Financial data

SFS Media is profitable and debt-free. The company has been in this position since the start of operation. We have consciously made the decision to grow at a slower rate in order to ensure our financial viability.

Ownership structure

SFS Media is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dynamic Bytes BV (NL) and RFtech ltd (UK). These two legal entities make up the entirety of the company structure and are owned by the two founders and their families.

SFS Media continues to be run by the two founders. While each has his own area of expertise, all major decisions are reached in a consensus rather than a single individual dictating the company direction.

The day-to-day duties generally follow the following lines of responsibility:

Mark Bouwensch - Sales, Marketing and Operations

Dave Bray – Engineering, Testing, implementations, and support.

SFS Media has a close technical relationship with other major vendors in the industry. This list includes Avid Technologies, EVS Broadcast, Sony, Oracle, SpectraLogic, Quantum, and many others. While not as stringent as the standards held by a reseller agreement with each, there is still constant communication and compatibility between SFS Media and our technical partners.

SFS Media Offices

NL (Headquarters)
SFS Media BV
De Entrée 232
NL-1101 EE Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: +43 676 780 1966

Vat no.: NL863327230.B.01
Chamber of commerce registry no.: 84711329

AT (Sub)
SFS Media
Freisingergasse 26
A-3400 Klosterneuburg