THE solution for moving large quantities of media

We know that storing, maintaining and moving of large quantities of media is a challenge.

With a changing market, customers are facing Internal and external demands that are driving the choices around their storage solution (Tape, Disc, Cloud, On- and Off prem)

Once a decision is made around technology and solutions the real work starts.
This is where WE come in.

Sensibly-priced archive & storage management

As storage technology has evolved, one thing has remained the same: outdated pricing models designed around the vendor, not the customer.

Welcome to leading edge storage management that is priced around the solution, not the amount of content that you store.

SF-Archive has all of the functionality, flexibility and scalability you need from a media storage management solution.

THE enterprise solution for managing your processes

Whether you´re a start-up postproduction company, a Content Provider, Distributor or a major Broadcast Network, this engine is great for accommodating and managing your daily media workload.

​SF-Workflow is amazingly simple to integrate into your current infrastructure and existing file-based workflows.

With a focus on reducing the need for user intervention, you get a system that will free up valuable manpower in any organization.