Welcome to leading edge storage management that is priced around the solution, not the amount of content that you store.

SF-Archive is a young but mature enterprise product built on almost thirty years’ experience in the business of archive management.

“As storage technology has evolved, one thing has remained the same: outdated pricing models designed around the vendor, not the customer”

SF-Archive can control and manage all aspects of attached storage systems, whether to near-line, disk, tape, or optical disk. It supports on-site, off-site, cloud and hybrid

SF-Archive presents the archive as one storage repository, thus ensuring a seamless integration into all types of workflows. SF-Archive is controlled via integration to a control system like a MAM, PAM or NRCS.

This allows the user to manage the system - to archive and restore content to and from online storage, video servers, tape-based libraries, optical-disk libraries and cloud (full or hybrid).

SF-Archive monitors and reports on the status of the archive system via the interface to the controlling system.  As SF-Archive presents all the storage areas in one interface, all content is available to the user, no matter where it is held. The user can make a request for material based on what she needs, without having to seek it out in a particular location – making the archive one ‘active’ store for primary source material.

Example configuration
Example configuration

SF-Archive is built on an SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). In order to provide an application from which a range of services and modules are available.

The major components can be divided into different areas

SQL database

Queue service

I/O services


Intuitive UI

The architecture has been designed to provide full redundancy in order that any component can assume the duties of another.

SF-Archive in a nutshell

Flexible, scalable architecture

Single server to multi-node, on-prem or cloud based

All media formats supported

LTFS, AXF, TAR, UDF, FlashNet, Kumulate, Blackpearl, Tedial and other legacy formats

Automated storage tiering

SF-Archive automatically moves/copies media to the most appropriate storage tier

Infinitely scalable

Add capacity, add storage, add hardware - your archive grows but your costs don’t


On-the-fly transcode

Transcode or normalize as you go. SF-Archive’s integrated transcode gives you the right format where you need it.

Choose your storage

Cloud, tape, disk, hybrid - SF-Archive manages any storage you need.

Intuitive UI

Easy-to-manage, simple to maintain.

Hardware and system agnostic

Integrates seamlessly with all major MAM/PAM/NRCS systems, works with any storage hardware.

API integrations

Simple integrations with third party systems via standard REST protocols connects your storage to your operations.

Simple, powerful monitoring and reporting

Check your storage capacity and performance, follow job logs, generate reports.