The solution for moving large quantities of media.

We know that storing, maintaining and moving of large quantities of media is a challenge.

With a changing market, customers are facing Internal and external demands that are driving the choices around their storage solution (Tape, Disc, Cloud, On- and Off prem)

Once a decision is made around technology and solutions the real work starts.

This is where WE come in.​

“The fastest migration tool I have ever seen.”

Let’s assume you are confronted with your content stored where you do not want it to be.

For example

It might be in the wrong format

It is on older technology

Maybe just one copy

A decommissioned archiving system and your content including all metadata stuck in that system

With an automated process SF-Migrate moves content in the most efficient way. With LTO technology as an example, content is moved tape by tape and not per asset. Metadata will be migrated and relevant applications from your eco-system are updated without interrupting you daily routine.

While we do so, we can even cover some extra tasks that elevates the value of that content you would like to move / migrate.

For example



Add / enhance metadata

AI and more…

Every project is specific and needs an open discussion to fully understand the scope.

Without any strings attached please contact us to explain what your challenge is. We will then explore the options and possibilities. And last, but not least, use our experience with over 30 years in this industry.


Micro architecture

It can be run as a Virtual Machine, standalone and even cloud based.


All media standard formats

LTFS, AXF as tape solutions as other formats. It can also move content between S3, Azure, NTFS as disk / SSD solutions.


All video standard formats

While the asset is being migrated, it can be transcoded into any format of desire.


Easy API integration

Implemented with standard API protocols like C-Sharp, C++ libraries and/or REST API's


Hardware agnostic

Works with all tape technologies and libraries. Magic out of the box with AWS S3 and Azure storage solutions.


Not a black box

Monitoring and performance reports via Windows UI. Full view on the Jobs and results in real time.