SF-Workflow is a reliable Enterprise video encoding software that helps you transcode files to all of the broadcast formats at a very high pace. It can communicate with a number of different storage resources and multidrop your files in the desired format at different drop sites. Through a very extensive RESTful API, SF-Workflow is very simple to integrate into your current IT infrastructure and existing file-based workflows. With a focus on reducing the need for user intervention, you get a system that will free up valuable manpower in any organization.

Whether you´re a start-up Postproduction company, a Content Provider, Distributor or a major Broadcast Network, SF-Workflow is great for accommodating and managing your daily media workload. Not only is it uncomplicated to install, but it also runs in a virtual environment. Should your company and thus your transcoding need to grow, being for a limited period or permanently, SF-Workflow scales easily and inexpensively.

SF-Workflow works on commodity hardware, offers LDAP integration for security, and a lot of work has gone into QC, automatic diagnostics, automatic recovery and monitoring so that you can rest assure production will run as planned.

Key features

Highly scalable to fit any needs for Transcoding. Either as standalone or part of clustered Node rendering farm

Easy RESTful API that increases your productivity

Integration with most Third-Party vendors such as Aspera, Adobe, Avid, Harmonic, Amazon Web service etc.

Intuitive GUI for easy access and overview

Multiple simultaneously Transcoding and dropsites


New features are constantly added free of charge!

Automated Operation from with Watch Folder detection of files to multitask actions